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It’s been a little while! A month ago when I set out to do this thing and created my first blog post, I received such kind and encouraging feedback and knew I wanted to take my endeavor to the next level. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been working tirelessly exerting my time, energy and personal resources into developing my own personal ‘brand’ if you will. I’ve had friends who have also been patient and kind enough to offer their own expertise in terms of website building and design/logos..and even making recommendations as to which starter camera to purchase. (Canon Rebel, woo!)

I had a vision of what I wanted my blog to be from the onset but was completely overwhelmed and shocked by all of the work that goes into it. I knew zilch about coding and websites, how to take good photos or even how to gauge what type of content people would want to read or find interesting. All of these things scared me and made me feel inadequate, as though maybe I should quit while I’m ahead. Although I’m no where near the finish line and there are many things that I’d still like to perfect, I’m realizing that this is a slow and steady process that takes time, much like anything else in life. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, so I have to recognize that the same could apply for this endeavor-all good things take time AND dedication. Put in the work, seek the reward. (sadly, patience is not one of my virtues)

Both my personal image and ‘blogging brand’ are on a constant path of transformation and will probably change several more times in the future as I learn and grow. Right now, I’m focused on what I set out to do..which is build this wonderful website and forum into something greater. I hope to build a base of followers and create posts that inspire and entertain. That give you little glimpses into the many facets of my life. Over the next month, I’ll even be adding a Youtube channel to my repertoire!

To those that have taken the time to subscribe to my blog from the very beginning, thank you! To anyone that’s even clicked on the link and taken a little walk through my site..thank you, too! It’s the positive feedback and support that fuels my willingness to keep forging ahead with this.

Look out for my very first travel post in the next day or two about a quick trip I made this past weekend to Watkins Glen, NY!

I’m just getting started, so stay tuned 🙂

With love,


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