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Beauty Q & A & Contest Collab with Makeup By Vic!

Hello my beautiful readers! (the old and hopefully..some new 😉 )

How’s everyone?

I’m feeling pretty excited because this week I’m shifting gears a bit and shining the blog spotlight on my fellow friend and hard-working girl boss, Victoria Elizabeth, better known in the social media world as @makeupbyvic_ and to those that know her personally…a very talented makeup artist and beauty professional!

Victoria has been my coworker and friend going on 4 years. We both work in the same office, in different areas of the mortgage business but since the onset, Victoria’s passion has always resided in her expression through makeup and all things beauty and glam. Victoria has pursued this passion (and talent) with her heart and soul, essentially growing her business from the ground up, all while establishing a great reputation amongst her vast clientele. Victoria is always striving to learn more and do more, delivering the best of what she knows to all women. Her drive and hustle are inspirational to those around her and you can tell how much she loves what she does, simply through her attention to detail and the value she places on her work. I’ve witnessed firsthand the experience Victoria gives her clients and it’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

I’ve always been astounded by people who take their passions and turn them into flourishing businesses simply by being authentic and true to who they are. That was my reasoning behind wanting to interview Victoria; to see just how she got to where she is today. When I created The Weekend Wave, my intent was to stress the significance of pursuing your passions through life and working hard toward whatever it is that makes you happy. So, let’s show some love to the people who do that..and better yet, let’s get inspired to do the same.

Okay, okay. Without further ado, let’s learn more about Vic!

When did your makeup journey begin? Did you self-teach/were you inspired by someone/something in particular?

“Is is bad to say my makeup journey started at like, 8 years old? Being a competitive dancer my whole life and having to get “performance ready” multiple times throughout the years, I would say my inspiration and journey for makeup began at a very young age. I had plenty of practice doing makeup for competitions and recitals. I would always be the designated makeup girl and do all my friends and put their lashes on. As I got older, I dabbled in makeup on the weekends, whenever I was going out with friends…I did my own makeup for my prom. Being a senior in high school and having to choose a college to attend and a set career, I was so lost and felt like I had absolutely no direction. Being in the beauty industry never even came up as a serious option. Becoming a makeup artist felt so far-fetched and unrealistic. I had no idea where to start.”

When was the ‘ah-ha’ moment for you? How did you know you wanted to make this your career?

“I’m not sure I knew it was an “ah-ha” moment at the time, but looking back, I can see when my career began to blossom. I started working in a salon in the north shore of Long Island shortly after high school. I was there for about a year and I didn’t take it too seriously. I didn’t grow any type of clientele and sadly, I was getting bored of it. I was feeling unaccomplished and worthless..and I hated that. I don’t remember the exact ‘ah-ha’ moment, but when I decided I was ready to take this seriously and see where this could take me it kind of just.. happened. I would wake up super early every morning and practice a different makeup look before work and wear it for the day. After a few weeks of doing myself up everyday, women in the salon started noticing and complimenting me on how my makeup looked. They wanted me to do the same thing on them that I had on me. They pre-booked me for their own parties months in advance and even cancelled their appointments with other MUAs to book with me. I don’t know if it was my confidence or different attitude, but the moment I set my mind to it, it happened. I was passionate about it again.”

Where did you become certified? Would you recommend this training to aspiring makeup artists?

“In the fall of 2011, I attended Nassau Community College and at night I took a 50 hour makeup certification program at the Lia Schorr Spa in the NYC. The class was good, but we covered more sanitation and cleaning (which is important as well) but it wasn’t the fun, creative stuff I hoped for. We didn’t learn techniques or styles. After completing the program, I realized that I was going to have to really work on this by myself. No one could teach me. It had to be hands on and I had to really practice. Mornings and nights, I grabbed a friend or my mom and just played with products and styles of makeup.”

In this competitive field, what separates you from other MUAs and what they have to offer?

“I try and make my clients look and feel like the best version of themselves. I want them to wear the makeup, not the other way around. I can’t tell you how many times I have a new client in my chair telling me they don’t want to look ‘cakey’.  Most women are hesitant to get their makeup done because they’ve gotten it done in the past and it looked that way. That doesn’t happen when you sit in my chair. I’m trying to change that reputation that makeup artists have.”

What was the biggest accomplishment of your career thus far?

“I have two!

I was featured in an episode of the Bravo show “Summer House” doing makeup on the cast. It aired in January 2017.. seeing yourself on TV is weird, but so cool— and my hair looked good so that made it even better!

Also, at the age of 25 I can proudly say I have a home base for ‘Makeup by Vic’ in Port Washington at Wash Salon and Color Lounge.  Although I do a lot of freelance and weddings, it’s SO nice to have a place to have my clients come for their maintenance appointments like brows, waxing, lash lifts, and trials. To boot, the salon is absolutely beautiful, so choosing that location as a home base was a no brainer. The staff is amazing, they offer a variety of services-from color, to cuts, to extensions and they give the best blowouts in town. You have to come in to experience it!”

What’s your favorite aspect of working in the beauty industry?

“The constant drive for bettering yourself. It’s such a satisfying feeling making someone’s day better with something as simple as makeup application. Not saying makeup is easy, it’s definitely very intricate, but I love how concealer and false lashes make you feel more confident. I know for myself, if I’m having an off day and I apply makeup, I look and feel better and can accomplish so much more. I also just love meeting and interacting with a variety of personalities. It’s basically constant girl time and who doesn’t love that!”

Five year plan-where do you see yourself down the road or hope to be career-wise?

“I’m more of a short-term planner, so I never really put much thought into where I could be in five years..but I’d love to get into the education portion of the beauty industry, host workshops or seminars and share with the world my style of work. It has also been a huge goal of mine to work on set for TV and film. I’m loving the bridal/event/salon makeup scene right now, but being on set would be the ultimate goal..or the makeup artist for Wicked on Broadway. If anyone has any connects, let me know ;)”

How long did it take you to build a solid client base and how did you maintain and push yourself forward?

“Well, I’ve been doing makeup for 6-7 years and I’m still not at the level I want to be at. I’m my own worst critic so I’m always just striving for more and working on perfecting my craft. I do right by every single client in hopes that they refer me to their friends and family and they have–the majority of my clientele are referrals! I’m very dedicated to my career and am so happy that I’m in the beauty industry. The key to being successful, I think, is to never say “no” to your clients- whether they are requesting a 5am makeup appointment at their house an hour and a half away or they ask you to do something completely out of the norm, do it with a smile. There will always be someone else to say “yes” to them if you say no. That’s what pushes me forward.”

Advice to aspiring makeup artists or anyone pursuing a career in the beauty industry?

“For any aspiring MUA’s, I think the best way to practice is on yourself. Make a night out of it-multiple nights out of it-light a candle, play your favorite music, sit down with all of your products and just play. Re-create pictures you see on Pinterest and Instagram-go on Youtube and watch videos of peoples’ techniques-anything to challenge yourself. Also, take pictures of your progress. It still amazes me to this day how many people thought my 2014 smokey eye was sooo good when looking back, it was sooo bad. Connect with your local salons and ask if they need a makeup artist, you can freelance and just come in when they book appointments for you. Connect with your local MUAs and ask to shadow them or get a makeup lesson from them if they offer any of those options-I do!”

Random fun fact about yourself that you don’t mind sharing with us…

“I’m overly obsessed with Cèline Dion. Power of love. That’s the way it is. A new day has come. She’s like my girl empowerment music. So embarrassing but on any long exhausting day after work, I play, mmm, scratch that-BLAST her on the way home and it’s like a reset button for me-my mood takes a total turn for the better. Ultimate goal in life-DO CÈLINE DION’S MAKEUP. Again, any connections will be greatly appreciated!”

How awesome is Vic?! 

I not only feel inspired by her passion and strategy for success..BUT SHE LOVES CÈLINE DION, too?! I may or may not be guilty of belting “It’s all coming back to me now” on many of my road trips and travels…but we’ll save that for another day.

A big THANK YOU to Vic for answering my questions and giving us insight on how to be our own girl-boss. To follow what we love and put a plan into action. I know I was left with many ideas myself and definitely feel motivated and ready to take charge.


Vic and I went back and forth wondering what we could bring to the table for our clients and readers as a thank you for supporting us and as a way for us to do a little collaboration ourselves. So here’s what we came up with….


*queue claps and roaring cheers*

We have decided to offer a complete makeup makeover done by Vic, FREE OF CHARGE for any event of your choosing. In addition, the winner will be gifted a glam goodie bag of assorted makeup and personal logo items for both The Weekend Wave and Makeup By Vic brands.

**You have until November 2nd to enter, let’s do it!**

To Enter, you must do the following:

  • Subscribe to my blog at and make sure to hit ‘confirm’ once you receive the email. (come on guys, you know you love The Weekend Wave!)
  • You must follow both mine and Victoria’s Instagram handles:
  • Comment that you’d like to enter and tag two of your friends/family members on Vic’s most recent Instagram post!


The winner will have their photos taken and be given the opportunity to share their feedback!

We are so excited and hope you are too. Share with friends, family or anyone who has a big event coming up and needs a fresh face of makeup! Give someone the gift of glam, done by the best AND keep up with my crazy adventures over a cup of coffee here on The Weekend Wave.

It’s my goal to keep inspiring and to bring you more creativity, collabs and giveaways in the future!

Join me 🙂

With love,




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